audience at cinco de mayo concert

2016 Cinco de Mayo Celebrations Go All Out In Case Of A Trump Ban

Twenty six year old Hunter Young of Boulder Colorado doubts that Donald Trump will be president in 2017, but like many in the US, he’s planning to make the 2016 Cinco de Mayo celebration a blow out, just in case.

Talking to a TS reporter, Young said, “Man, I knew this Trump was a hater when he started talking about a ban on Cinco de Mayo. For this year’s party we’re already stocked up on Mexican beers in case there’s a run on them right before Cinco de Mayo.”

audience at cinco de mayo concert
Concert goers in Austin Texas raise five fingers in support of Cinco de Mayo.

Young’s fears in fact have merit: already spot shortages of Mexican beer are occurring in some US markets, especially those with large Mexican and Latino populations.

Maloof distributors in Albuquerque, New Mexico said there would be no problems for them or other distributors. George Maloof SR. told The Spoof by phone, “We’ve seen rising sales of Mexican beers ever since Donald Trump started talking about a banning them and Cinco de Mayo, but we’ve had no problem meeting the demand, we knew this would be a big year because of the political climate”

When Maloof was asked what he thought about Trump’s proposed ban, Maloof laughed and said, “There are so many other things that have to happen before a president Trump could happen. OK, so let’s say he wins and tries to enact a ban on Cinco de Mayo, he would face so many lawsuits from businesses, it could never happen.”

Or could it?

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