Romney Supports Mexican Firm Building Wall Around Trump

Mitt Romney has lent his endorsement to the growing Waller movement that seeks to build a wall around Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney has joined the growing chorus of Wallarous who support hiring a Mexican company to build a wall around Trump.

Predictably, Trump lashed out at the former presidential candidate, saying, “Romney is a loser and I think this Walleroon movement is just a bunch of losers too.”

Romney avoided naming any firm in particular, but said by phone, “It’s important that Mexico has a hand in this, Trump has been so insulting to the Mexican people, it’s becoming a point of national pride for Mexico.”

Romney’s endorsement has been welcome, as he is seen as an important symbol of bipartisan support in what has been a largely grassroots movement.


Citizen Brewers Groups: We Support Trump’s Cinco De Mayo Ban

protesters against Cinco de Mayo
Protesters support Donald trumps call to ban Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Beers.

In the Texas border town of Kriegsville, Atticus Luna sits on the front line of the US trade and culture war with Mexico, a war articulated by presidential candidate Donald Trump with his call for a ban on Cinco de Mayo and Mexican beers.

I hunker in the trenches with Atty, as he likes to be called, in a booth at Juanita’s Burger Cabana. He orders us two Mexican combination plates, green chile sliders, and local craft beers. A loud sizzling and crackling sound turns our heads as a plate of fajitas is delivered two tables over.

Atty talks about the movement’s goals, “It’s not the restaurant’s fault, we get the local ones and even chains in the state to carry more US and local brews, but they just don’t sell so well next to cheap Mexican imports. Mexican beers cost American jobs – period.”

Atty heads the American Beer Frontier a local group of nativist brewers, many of whom are voicing their support for the Don.

“It’s great that Donald Trump is talking about a ban on both [Cinco de Mayo and Mexican Beers]. If we can educate the public, that’s all we need,” Atty says. ABF typifies other nativist brewer groups who want to ban or put severe duties on Mexican imports: Freedom Fermenters, Citizen Brewers United, and American Heritage Brewers are the more well known to echo Trump’s call to ban Mexican beer outright.

“If we can educate the public,” Atty repeats, “until president Trump enacts the ban, we’ll save a lot of American jobs.”

Within minutes, a chirpy waitress name tagged “Belínda” brings us our chili laden plates and sliders.

Atty keeps talking, “You know people think because we’re Hispanic we’re Mexican, but we’re not the same people, not the same culture.” He pushes a slider on to my plate, “The chili here is the best.” Atty goes on, “We’ve got to stop Mexican beer from invading and taking over our culture and our jobs, Donald Trump is talking to the truth of that.”

Mexican beer or American, diners are going to need a cool companion to the hot chili at Juanita’s Burger Cabana this night.

Colbert Cleverly Exposes How Trump Lies

Listening to Donald Trump talk is like listening to the school yard bully talking about his fights. Using clips of The Donald talking, Steven Colbert shows the 12 year old debating and fighting himself.

Isn’t it ironic that it takes a comedy show to tell the truth about Donald Trump? Mainstream media outlets fact check the the Democrat and GOP candidates as if Donald Trump’s lies are equivalent to all the others.

While the GOP continues to be “reality challenged”,  establishment Republicans at least are consistent in their denial of reality; Donald Trump’s reality is based on the convenience of serving whatever fight he is currently in.

See the video and have a laugh:




mexican beer

“I’ll Ban Cinco de Mayo” Vows Trump

mexican beer
Under a Trump presidency, Corona and Mexican beers will be banned along with Cinco de Mayo.

In a Trump presidency forget about celebrating Cinco de Mayo and even drinking a Corona, both would be banned by candidate Trump if he had his way.

“We don’t celebrate Charlie Manson’s birthday, and Mexicans have killed more people than him, so why do we celebrate some Mexican Independence Day”, the blow dried billionaire said to a packed gymnasium in Concord, NH.

Completely misunderstanding the origin of the Mexican celebration, he went on, “They lost that war to us, basically they are a country of losers. So when I’m president, Cinco de Mayo and Corona are not going to be allowed into the country.”

Apparently not realizing Alhambra is a Spanish beer, he roused the crowd by finally saying, “And Alhambra, that’s a spi- uh, a hispanic beer with a Muslim sounding name, Alhambra – banned!”

At that point the cheering crowd started jeering an Hispanic man who had the misfortune of wearing a Corona cap to the rally. Answering shouts of “Go back to Mexico,” the man later identified as Julian Suarez of Londonderry, NH, shouted back “But I’m from here!” A few in the crowd tried to fight with Mr. Suarez, and Trump security eventually escorted him out for his own safety.

As happened after the last time Trump made insensitive remarks towards Mexico and it’s citizens, sales of Corona and other Mexican beers spiked dramatically as public fears spread over possible shortages and an outright ban on the savory suds.

When contacted for comment, DNC spokesperson Christina Freundlich’s immediate response sounded like a new pitch we’re going to be hearing a lot more often this election cycle: “Donald Trump is coming to take your beers away.”

baby crying

Trump Tasers Baby After Tot’s Mom Breastfeeds At Rally

At a rally in Dallas Texas, Donald Trump asked his security for a Taser and then unapologetically used it on a 4 month old boy who had been crying.

Defending his actions Trump said, “Well, the baby wouldn’t stop crying, and then the mother was attempting to breastfeed it during my speech, it’s just disgusting.”

baby crying
Baby Alex was apparently unharmed after he was Tasered by Donald Trump at a Dallas political rally.

“Get ’em out of here, get ’em out of here,” Trump told security, then turned to the crowd, “I don’t care what they say, they were probably sent here by the Hillary or Bernie people. Who would breastfeed their baby in public anyway but a loser liberal?”

The parents, Marjorie and Alvin Costello, of Red Oak, Texas, protested as they were led out, saying that they were indeed die hard Trump supporters. Two of the couple’s friends who tried to defend the family from the heckling and spitting crowd, were also asked to leave.

At the center of the incident, baby Alex was apparently unharmed by the Tasering and the Costellos declined to press charges, though they have already filed a civil suit. “It’s not personal, we still plan to vote for him, the lawsuit is just the American way, we want to be really rich too, like Donald Trump, and that’s why we know he’ll understand,” Marjorie Costello said.

Dallas Police, however, took a very dim view of The Don’s Tasering of the tot, and announced that a thorough investigation has been launched. Donald Trump may yet face child abuse charges in Dallas.

Ironically, had Trump shot baby Alex with a traditional firearm, he likely would face no charges.

Political pundits and talking heads have once again proclaimed this to be the end of Trump’s presidential aspirations. Disputing that view, a CNN/Gallup poll following the Tasering, showed a five percent increase among likely voters choosing Trump in a general election.

Mexican President To Trump, “I’m Not Going To Pay For That Fucking Wall!”

In an F-bomb cheered around the world, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has embarrassed a GOP apparently afraid to call out Donald Trump on his racism and stupidity.

Speaking to Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Fox ridiculed Trumps idea to build a wall across the border and have Mexico pay for it. See Video:

Fox succinctly detailed the problems with a Trump candidacy, likening Trump to a crazy person who doesn’t know what’s going on in the world, then calling him “egocentric” and only out for himself.

One thing to note, the media has overblown Trump’s support among Hispanics in the Nevada primary. Trump had the support of 44% of Hispanics who voted in the Republican primary, which seems far short of Trump having the support of 44% of all Hispanic voters in the state.

International Bids Pour In As Competition Heats Up

A flood of bids have already come in to the headquarters of Wall Around Trump Coalition of Hispanics, located in Littleton Colorado. WATCH Spokesperson Randall Rexon said the top bidders so far are from Dubai and Mexico City.

Rexon told an assembly of press, “Both the Mexican and Dubai firms are award winning with shining track records, the bids come in at 1.4 and 1.8 million respectively.”

The Dubai firm has an amazing video showcasing the speed with which they can build structures, see below.

For owner of Los Griegos Architects in Mexico City, being considered for the contract is a matter of personal and national pride. “The U.S. took the lead in the Waller movement, but it should be a Mexican team who builds the wall around Trump, or a least a Mexican company should be the leader in the construction project,” owner Javier Griego said.

Other Notable bids were put in by the Chinese firm Modern Skye and German architects Bösenfard.

t-shirt - build a wall around trump

What’s A Wallarou Mate?

t-shirt - build a wall around trump
A popular T-shirt with the Wallarou crowd, who have started the Waller movement.

The Waller movement was started by U.S. activist Randall Rexon. A proponent of walling in Donald Trump is known as a Wallarou (rhymes with kangaroo), and it’s short for Wall Around Trump.

In response to Trump’s bloviating calls for ever higher and higher walls on the U.S./Mexico border, The Waller movement seeks to build a wall around The Donald himself.

Wallarous are all kinds of people united against Donald Trump and committed to the idea of building a wall around him.

The Waller movement has embraced citizens of the world and now there are chapters in almost every country in the world. Even undocumented workers in the U.S. and elsewhere have been invited to join the growing corp of Wallarou Volunteers when the wall gets built.

adobe bricks drying

What Will It Cost?

adobe bricks drying
It would cost less than $15,000 to build a wall around Donald Trump using adobe bricks.

From humble  southwestern adobe, to high tech ceramic bricks made in Japan, estimates of the cost to build a wall around Donald Trump vary wildly.

One plan submitted for a 25 foot diameter circular wall made of adobe comes in at less than $15,000;  A 5,000 square foot concrete and re-bar structure will cost 2.4 million dollars; A walled enclosure made of special bomb and bullet proof ceramic bricks, will cost nearly 30 million USD.

It’s doubtful that Wallarous, as they call themselves, will want to punish The Donald so severely by putting him in the adobe enclosure, nor are they likely to spring for the deluxe wall at 30 million.

clear ceramic brick
Looking like glass, these special bullet and bomb proof ceramic bricks cost $1,500 each.

Bob Harrels, lead engineer at Cohen Construction in Denver, Colorado, touts the strength and cost benefits of a steel reinforced concrete wall. “It’s the best for your money, most humane for everybody.”

Ultimately it depends on the fundraising ability of the burgeoning Wallarou movement and their determination. However they choose to build their wall, it will be interesting times to see.