trump pink floyd rally

Pink Floyd’s The Wall Predicted Donald Trump

The parallels are striking and disturbing; an adulating crowd worshiping a personality; audience members beat and spit on “undesirables” as they are kicked out; the crowd chants in unison about a wall; the leader arrogantly talks about shooting people; finally, the crowd raises it’s arms in a frenzied mindless salute.

There is very little difference between a Trump rally and the Hate rally depicted in Pink Floyd’s movie The Wall. In fact it’s hard to tell where the cuts are in this mashup of the two.

One minor difference is that Trump isn’t screaming “kike, queer,” or “coon!”, he leaves that to the crowd  while he uses code words like, “Sanders people,  cuckservative,” and “taking back our country”.

No doubt Roger Waters was addressing UK  extremism and wars when writing The Wall, yet it boggles the mind that the details of a Trump rally were described so presciently in 1982. You would almost think that Donald Trump had studied the scene in order to recreate it.




Trump filtered

Browser Extensions Filter Trump From The Web

Trump filtered
Donald Trump finally gets filtered

A bevy of web filters now let you alter how your Chrome browser displays news about Donald Trump. You can scrub his presence entirely from your browsing experience or just change the text in a page when his name is encountered. All of these download in seconds and can easily be enabled in your browser.

screenshot of text altered by browser extension
The Trumpweb extension adds various Trump quotes to the text when it sees his name. Above “When Did We Beat Japan At Anything?” was added to the headline.

TrumpWeb If you just want to have some fun at Donald Trump’s expense, the Trumpweb extension for Chrome inserts an actual quote from Trump in the text whenever his name appears. A screen shot showing the results while visiting our own site with the extension on appears on this page.

Drumpfinator The historical name of Trump is actually Drumpf, if you want to change all text instances of Trump to Drumpf while browsing, the Drumpfinator for Chrome is for you. Introduced by John Oliver on the Last Week Tonight show, a hilarious video by the way.

screenshot using Trump2Voldemort
A screenshot using the Trump2Voldemort Chrome extension.

Trump2Voldemort This extension changes Donald Trump’s name to “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “You-Know-Who”. Download Trump2Voldemort.

Trump Filter If you want to completely scrub Trump from your web browsing Trump Filter will do that, it will also disable display of any Trump stories including sites such as ours, but if you’re tired of hearing about You-Know-Who we understand. We tried it on CNN and most stories about Donald Trump did not appear compared to not using the filter. Trump Filter has three levels of filtering, and even on the mild setting, no content showed up at all on our own homepage, so it definitely works.

mud bricks stacked

Making The Case For Adobe

mud bricks stacked
Mud Bricks like these in Palestine can easily be made by anyone and could be used to build a wall around Donald Trump.

People of the world have been building with mud bricks for thousands of years, so it’s only fitting that The Waller movement, a people’s movement, should use adobe, or mud brick.

Starting in ancient Mesopotamia, and continuing all over the modern world, mud brick is an affordable and readily available building material.

Mud bricks can be fired and structures can be reinforced with re-bar. Adobe is ideal for our purposes, with simple mud bricks that anyone can make with materials they already have, we will build a people’s wall around Donald Trump.

The simplest form for making our bricks will be a paper/cardboard half gallon milk or juice carton cut and folded inside out so the waxy outer surface is on the inside. That will make our our bricks 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ and 12 3/4″ wide.

On the practical side we won’t be able to wall in Trump for long, so no firing of bricks or reinforcing of the wall will be needed.

Adobe brick is “Of the People”, let the humble adobe brick be the symbol of our movement.

Devil Trump

Donald Trump Is The Biggest Dick In The World

Devil Trump
If a world wide poll were taken on who the biggest dick in the world is, Donald Trump would win.

It’s “common knowledge” that Donald Trump cannot win a national election — but if a world wide poll were taken today, who do you think people would say is the biggest dick in the world?

He’s insulted every imaginable group and nationality, bragged about the size of his manhood, the man self compares to Alexander The Great and Napoleon for Koresh’s* sake.

When Darth Dick Cheney comes out to say you are unfit for office, you’ve really disturbed the force.

Donald Trump is the schoolyard bully in sixth grade who was always bragging about his latest fight when he wasn’t starting another one.

For these and many other reasons, Wallarous, The Waller movement, we are continuing the fight to wall in this current biggest dick in the world: Donald Trump.


*A Bartcop Joke

Trump Racism All In The Family

Trump KKK rally, a burning cross makes the T in Trump
People are afraid of what kind of supporters Donald Trump is appealing to.

From Fred Trump’s arrest in a 1927 KKK battle against police, to Donald Trump Junior’s radio interview February 24, 2016, The Trump family has had an 89 year publicly documented close association with white supremacists.

Discriminate and forget, or deny any knowledge at all — that seems to be Donald Trump’s pattern, articulated as early as 1979 by Wayne Barrett, then a new reporter for the Village Voice.

This should be the Trump logo.

Barrett published many stories about Trump’s shady business deals, and investigated for months for a two part story published in 1979 about Trump’s business dealings. At one point it tells how an investigator was trying to ascertain if Trump had the experience necessary for the Realtor’s license he had applied for: “The report states: ‘Mr. Trump further stated that he supervises and controls the renting of all apartments owned by the Trump organization…During my interview with applicant he showed me hundreds of files…Each contained numerous leases both for commercial and residential tenants…and rental records, all of which contained applicant’s signature and handwriting.’ “

In direct contradiction to the statement Trump made above to the investigator for the Realtor’s license, we have Trump’s testimony in Federal Court in a housing discrimination case at the same time:

Government: “Do you ever have anything to do with rental decisions in individual cases?

Trump: “No, I really don’t.”

Trump’s convenient memory was stiil at work in 2016, when presidential candidate Donald Trump forgot that the KKK was a white supremacist group. When asked to disavow their support by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump said, “You’re asking me a question that I’m supposed to be talking about people I know nothing about.” Trump blathered on to say, “…if you give me a list of the groups, I would do research on them and I would disavow if I thought there was something wrong there.”

In the 1950s Fred Trump was reviled by Woody Guthrie who actively fought Trump’s racially discriminatory housing practices. Guthrie named Fred Trump in these lyrics:

“I suppose, Old Man trump knows, Just how much, Racial Hate, He stirred up, In  the bloodpot of human hearts, When he drawed, The color line, Here at his, Eighteen hundred family project…”

Now, the latest generation of Trump’s stump on their father’s behalf and reach out to racist audiences who will vote for Donald Trump’s brand of thinly veiled “Hate Against The Others”.

February 24, 2016, Donald Trump Jr. was on the radio talk show, Liberty Roundtable, and he answered questions from  white supremacist James Edwards, host of the radio show “The Political Cesspool”. Edwards has been described by U.S. civil rights groups, as “racist and anti-Semitic.”

What’s next? Will Donald Trump’s grandchildren soon be surfing the modern wave of slickly packaged prejudice and extremism?


magazine cover "no future for stillson"

The Trump Dead Zone

Am imaginative remake of the movie poster for the 1983 release The Dead Zone.

For those unfamiliar with the 1983 Movie, The Dead Zone, Christopher Walken plays Johnny Smith, a man who has psychic abilities after waking up from a coma.

When Smith touches someone he can see catastrophic future events in their lives and eventually realizes he can affect and even prevent those future events.

The day Smith shakes the hand of Senator Stillson, played by Martin Sheen, he starts to grapple with the idea of killing Stillson to prevent a future apocalypse.

Smith is unsuccessful in his attempt to shoot the evil senator, but the attempt itself is the heroic act that leads to Senator Stillson shielding himself with a baby and exposing his true self to the world, thereby guaranteeing he would never be elected to a position where he could have his finger on “the button.”

magazine cover "no future for stillson"
Newsweek cover: “No future For Stillson” from The Dead Zone.

Comparisons of Donald Trump to the Stillson Character have only increased as his stature as the eventual GOP nominee for the 2016 presidential race has solidified. One comparison says Stillson’s values would be an improvement, while a NY times columnist jokes about an assassination.

The question is: If and when is Trump going to have his “Stillson Moment”?

Trump’s ever more outrageous antics end with myself, and every other thinking human saying, “This time he’s done it,” only to see his poll numbers hold or even increase.

We created this website for news and parody, in Trump’s case it’s not a clear line which is which: Satire stories like “Trump Tasers Baby” or “Trump Vows Cinco De Mayo Ban” lure us in because we don’t know just what he will do next.

poster comparing Trumps quickness to criticize everyone but the kkk

Trump “Forgets” KKK Is Racist

The presidential candidate who says he is, “really, really smart,” says he knows nothing about David Duke and the KKK.

When given ample opportunity to condemn David Duke and the KKK by interviewer Jake Tapper, The Donald repeated that he knew nothing about the people in question,  “Honestly, I don’t know David Duke. I don’t believe I’ve ever met him. I’m pretty sure I didn’t meet him, and I just don’t know anything about him.”

Trump’s psychobabble makes Donald Rumsfeld’s “Unknown Unknowns,” seem down right erudite by comparison.

Both the forgetful Trump and the really, really smart one, however, are at odds with reality :

On one hand Trump can’t remember the most reviled racist group in America, the KKK, “I don’t know what group you’re talking about. You wouldn’t want me to condemn a group that I know nothing about. I’d have to look. If you would send me a list of the groups.”

poster comparing Trumps quickness to criticize everyone but the kkk
A poster criticizing Trump for taking so long to disavow the KKK.

On the other hand, the “smart” Trump when pressed by Sean Hannity for names of people he would appoint to his cabinet, comes up with a typical non-answer laced with superlatives and absolutes, “I always say: ‘I know the ones that are no good, but people think are good.’ I know people you’ve never heard of that are better than all of them.”

Most likely it’s just more of Trump adjusting the facts and his memory to suit whatever schoolyard brawl he’s fighting in today.


parody wall

Guys Build Wall Around Trump Tower – Hilarious Video

parody wall
A wall erected in front of Trump Towers to keep the assholes out

Setting a high bar for the Waller movement, performance artists Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, showed up at Trump Towers to build a wall after they had reports that, “a lot of assholes are coming out of this building.”

These are the same two guys who made video of themselves getting kicked out of a Trump rally  after acting like they were super fans at first who become bored with Trump telling them racist things they already agree with.

The actors, in orange vests and hard hats, stand in front of Trump Towers, saying to the camera, “A complete and total shutdown.” To the doorman, “It’s going to keep the assholes out, because one came out and then he ran for president. “

In the two minute plus video of the wall building, there are more priceless exchanges, one annoyed looking man is told, “We’re building a wall here, we need someone to pay for it, we need a hundred million dollars.”

This is how it’s done Wallarous – The Waller movement needs to take inspiration from these brilliant performance artists and build symbolic walls around Trump wherever he shows up to next.