All Copies Of The Movie “The Dead Zone” Quietly Purchased And Destroyed By Trump Front Company

Apparently Donald Trump hates the movie The Dead Zone. He hates it so much that he quietly bought up all the copies through one his shell companies, Trump International Talent.

Whatever physical copies of The Dead Zone that have not been destroyed are collectable and are selling for $150 and up to several thousand for a copy signed by Stephen King or one of the principle actors.

To preserve the film for future generations, a group of film buffs has uploaded digital copies of the movie to the cloud as well as books and other materials on the president’s disappear list. Google and Microsoft even donated space on the cloud to thwart the Trump administration’s attempt at an unofficial ban on the materials.

TIT even tried to buy up several Trump parodies movies that don’t even exist except as  trailers like The Lyin’ King, and Billion Dollar Crybaby.

So why does President Trump want The Dead Zone to disappear so bigly?

A member of the White House staff spoke to this reporter on the QT to explain the president’s disdain for The Dead Zone.

“Well the president hates any comparisons of himself to the Stillson character in the movie because he thinks Senator Stillson is a loser for killing himself. The president is always saying he hates when the hero of the movie dies or worse, kills himself.”

So what movies are on the preferred play list in the Trump White House according to the staffer?

“To give you a picture of the movie themes he likes, the president has already said how he wants himself portrayed in his movie biography: and that would be a combination of Jack Ryan, Mickey Knox (Natural Born Killers), and Hannibal Lecter, and of course directed by Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood.”

The White House aide had a final tip for this reporter at the end of our talk.

“You know if members of the press ever wanted to get on the president’s good side those are the movie characters to compare him to, not Stillson in The Dead Zone.”