A Time To Thrill

Imagine a US president is elected in one of the most racially cast elections in history; Imagine a beautiful and intelligent First Lady of the United States, who has posed in the nude at least once before for a fashion magazine, but the nation is willing to give her a pass, because we live in a new era; Imagine a new era where criticizing a woman for  how she looks or chooses to show her body is just shameful and we all just need to get over it.

Now I want you to imagine that we are talking about a black president and first lady.

In the same circumstances would the public and especially the Taliban wing of the GOP be so forgiving of an African-American potential first lady who had posed in the nude (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

We already know the answer to that, and it’s “No.”

First Lady Michelle Obama looking pretty fit.
First Lady Michelle Obama looking pretty fit.

Look at the record of how the GOP and their supporters have body and fashion shamed Michelle Obama who has never posed in the nude for a fashion magazine. She has been compared to Chewbacca and various other animals—and—the very fit first lady has been called fat by some people who should never talk, including a certain cigar smoking conservative sexist bigot.

What it’s really about are the efforts to delegitimize Michelle Obama as First Lady, and assist in the concurrent effort to delegitimize President Obama.

Michelle Obama is a model of health, beauty and fitness. So she is big-boned—give a sister a break already!

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