Trump supporter beats protester

Arrest Of Violent Trump Supporter At Rally Exposes Double Standard

More violence at a Trump rally and finally, police immediately arrest a Trump supporter for beating on an Anti-Trump protester—but wait, hold on—It was a black man who was arrested.

Recall the story of Rakeem Jones, a young African-American protester at a North Carolina Trump rally who was sucker punched by an older white man while being led out out. Police did not arrest his attacker John McGraw at the time of the incident, claiming they were afraid of the crowd of Trump supporters turning on them.

Here is the video of the latest incident where a Trump Supporter brutally  beat and stomped on a protester:

OK, now here’s the video of a white man sucker punching a black man at a Trump rally:

There is a striking difference between the two videos, and the comparison raises more questions than it answers. Is this representative of institutionalized racism that accounts for the difference between treatment of black Americans versus white? Is it specific to the locations where the rallies took place, Arizona and North Carolina? It could just be an unfortunate coincidence that both incidents seem to favor whites versus blacks in similar situations.

When it doesn’t look like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the Trump campaign might be a circus show with Trump as the Barker, MC and The Show all wrapped in one. Looking closer, the current mainstreaming of racial intolerance and the specter of violence raised by the cancerous Trump Campaign only increases the tensions and racial resentments simmering in the American psyche.

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