“Boy George” Trump, The Forgotten Son

As his campaign attempts to humanize Donald Trump with appearances by his family, one member, George Robert Trump, is conspicuously absent.

Donald Trump's son George Robert Trump
“Boy George” Trump, otherwise known as George Robert Trump.

We caught up with the 45 year old “Boy George” Trump in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he’s lived for the last fifteen years. We met him with his assistant Madeline at Coyote Cafe, an award winning restaurant in the historic downtown district.

Our TS reporter didn’t have to ask Trump about his famous nickname, after exchanging pleasantries, he volunteered: “I know you’re going to run some dreadful story about ‘Boy George Trump.'” Referring to the former pop icon, George R. Trump said, “OK he and I may share a name and a certain style, but you’ve got to have more of a story than that.”

When asked why he has been out of the spotlight he replied, “Oh dear, I think you are finding out now why no one likes to talk to me, I’m insufferable. I’m the real truth teller in the family and they don’t want me saying that my dad just figured out that the state I live in is part of the US. And I find politics and the press annoying, oh, but don’t worry sweetie, you are going to get a good interview. Alright?”

Asked if he supports his fathers candidacy, what followed was one of the most bizarre scenes ever in an interview. George started out “Oh I think having my dad as president would be…” then he apparently passed out and slumped over not even breathing.

His assistant was immediately at his side lightly slapping his face, “George, George, wake up!” This of course was causing concern among the other restaurant goers. “Just bring him some water,” the previously silent assistant ordered the buss girl. Madeline whipped out her phone and told someone “Narcan, now!” Another assistant must have been waiting nearby because in 20 seconds a small brunette dressed in black yoga gear handed a small pouch to Madeline and she prepared an injection for the gurgling George Trump.

The shot took effect immediately and George took a deep breath, sat up, and amazingly continued the conversation where he left off, “faboulous, tremendous, are you getting the sarcasm?”

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