Trump filtered

Browser Extensions Filter Trump From The Web

Trump filtered
Donald Trump finally gets filtered

A bevy of web filters now let you alter how your Chrome browser displays news about Donald Trump. You can scrub his presence entirely from your browsing experience or just change the text in a page when his name is encountered. All of these download in seconds and can easily be enabled in your browser.

screenshot of text altered by browser extension
The Trumpweb extension adds various Trump quotes to the text when it sees his name. Above “When Did We Beat Japan At Anything?” was added to the headline.

TrumpWeb If you just want to have some fun at Donald Trump’s expense, the Trumpweb extension for Chrome inserts an actual quote from Trump in the text whenever his name appears. A screen shot showing the results while visiting our own site with the extension on appears on this page.

Drumpfinator The historical name of Trump is actually Drumpf, if you want to change all text instances of Trump to Drumpf while browsing, the Drumpfinator for Chrome is for you. Introduced by John Oliver on the Last Week Tonight show, a hilarious video by the way.

screenshot using Trump2Voldemort
A screenshot using the Trump2Voldemort Chrome extension.

Trump2Voldemort This extension changes Donald Trump’s name to “He Who Must Not Be Named” or “You-Know-Who”. Download Trump2Voldemort.

Trump Filter If you want to completely scrub Trump from your web browsing Trump Filter will do that, it will also disable display of any Trump stories including sites such as ours, but if you’re tired of hearing about You-Know-Who we understand. We tried it on CNN and most stories about Donald Trump did not appear compared to not using the filter. Trump Filter has three levels of filtering, and even on the mild setting, no content showed up at all on our own homepage, so it definitely works.

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