round wall

It’s Time To Build A Wall Around Donald Trump!

Latinos, Americans, and the World – all have united in order to turn the tables on Donald Trump and build a wall around him!

round wall
Latinos and the growing Wallarou movement are ready to build a wall like this around Donald Trump.

In order to avoid further embarrassment for the  US,  and to save the entire world much pain, The Waller  movement proposes to encircle Donald Trump in a wall entirely.

Some people in the growing Waller movement call themselves Wallarous (wôləˈro͞oz), just like wallaroos and kangaroos which both rhyme with it. Wallarou is short for Wall Around Trump.

On the practical side, the logistical, funding, and moral issues of walling in Trump are now being addressed by the likes of Randall Rexon and other thoughtful leaders of the Waller movement .

Some questions that Rexon has already raised for example are: Who will build the wall and how much will it cost? Will we have a moral obligation to ensure that Trump has basic human rights during his walling in, and should his detention be indefinite?

Legal pitfalls abound in the plan as well; even If no criminal charges are incurred from walling in Trump, no doubt he will try to sue the Wallarous from within his wall.

Finally, as Brenda Milsop head of the Cleveland, Ohio Chapter Of Wallarous said, “This is a joyous event in which the whole world can unite. If we can build a wall around Trump, there is nothing the World Community cannot achieve.”