To Prove That They Are Callous A-Holes, Freedom Caucus Gives President Trump Standing Ovation

The Freedom Caucus gives President Trump a standing ovation for taking lunches and healthcare from schoolkids and giving the money to billionaires.

As President Tweason is flailing and failing on multiple fronts, his partners in hurting children and poor families gave him a standing ovation when they met at the White House Thursday.

The Freedom Caucus expressed it’s adoration for Trump with a Standing O, really? The man who is under investigation by the FBI, did  favors for Russia, and now can’t get his “really great” healthcare bill off of life support?  These Freedom Caucus people and other Republicans are really showing their stripes by continuing to support the orange clown—sad.

One can only hope impeachment is coming soon to end this farce of a presidency…

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