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Carrot Top Thrilled To Make Trump’s Short List For VP

Scott Thompson, known to most as the comedian Carrot Top, has been named as a possible running mate for Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

The liberal leaning comedian talked to this reporter about comedy and his potential entry into politics. Thompson thinks he was picked as a potential vice president based on his hair color, “We’re already going to match with the orange thing going on, in fact the country is going to have an orange-gasm when we are elected.”

carrot top promo
Scott Thompson, “Carrot Top”, thinks Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is all a performance art piece.

Thompson, king of props, pulls out an alarm clock with three big buttons on top, “Reagan had the button hooked up to a clapper, but I’m taking it a step further, if I’m ever in charge of the nuclear button I’ll have it hooked up to the snooze button on my alarm clock.”

Thompson, a Gallagher protege and a student of the great comedians has references in his humor that can go back fifty years or more. “I really do study other comedians because there is always so much more to learn. Donald Trump caught my attention early on in the campaign, he is such a performer. I would compare him to Andy Kaufman, but Kaufman eventually broke character or did other characters, Trump never breaks from his persona, but it’s a satirical performance regardless, just like Kaufman’s were.”

Thompson continued to gush with praise, “I don’t believe Donald Trump is anti-ginger or misogynist, or even crazy, unless it’s crazy like a fox. I’ve never seen anyone play an audience like Trump and his timing—delivery, it’s just flawless. And the concept, Andy Kaufman must be spinning in his grave for not thinking of running for president. But where Andy took it over the line to piss people off and annoy audiences, Trump just pisses off his opponents, I mean it’s genius.”

Thompson has now performed in Vegas for ten years straight. When asked how he could run with Trump given his liberal views and success as a Vegas performer Thompson said, “Because it’s not real, Trump’s campaign is all a performance, so yes I’ll accept if asked, it could be my biggest stage yet.”

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