Donald Trump and the Frog and the Scorpion

Some people are expressing surprise that President Donald J.Trump may be a racist after he gave cover to violent White supremacists groups like the KKK after the Charlottesville tragedy—really?

Since Trump doubled down on comments equating anti-fascist protesters with neo-Nazis and White nationalists, the new outrage expressed by business leaders—and especially the GOP—brings to mind the story of the Scorpion and the Frog.

In the ancient fable a frog and a scorpion are sitting on the side of the river. The scorpion, who wants to cross the river but can’t swim, asks the frog to carry him on his back across the river.

“Why should I carry you?” the frog asks the scorpion, “You will sting me.”

The scorpion responds to the frog’s objection and says, “It’s not in my interest to sting you, I don’t want to drown either.”

“OK,” says the frog, and they began to cross the river, but halfway across, the scorpion stings the frog. As the frog and scorpion drown the frog asks the scorpion, “Why, why did you sting me after you said you wouldn’t?”

“It’s just my nature,” the scorpion says with his final breath.

Like the frog in the story, Trump’s supporters and enablers are feeling his sting now that they put him in office, but should we excuse them for putting him there now that they are supposedly just discovering his true nature?

Donald Trump’s racist nature has been known and extensively reported on for decades (see our reporting from March 2016): Starting In 1979 Wayne Barrett has reported on Trump’s business dealings including a federal lawsuit against him for housing discrimination. Barret also reported on the President’s father Fred Trump and his racist past including his appearance at a KKK rally in New York in 1927.

The New Jersey, real estate scorpion: Centruroides Trumpus

Even if you don’t know about the Trump family’s racist past, how about the fact that Candidate Donald Trump launched his  presidential campaign by calling Mexicans “murderers and rapists”; then the candidate took days to disavow the support of David Duke and the KKK; Once elected his first executive order was a Muslim ban that has mostly been slapped down by the courts.

So to all the people who are just now realizing that our President has some racist thought and history behind his behavior, your shock and outrage lack credibility—after all—who couldn’t see this train wreck coming?

Historic Anti-Trump Demonstrations In Santa Fe And the World

Participants in the Women’s March On Washington in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Less than twenty four hours after President Donald Trump was sworn in, historic and massive protests took place around the world to denounce his policies and divisive rhetoric.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, was but one of hundreds of sister cities participating in the Women’s March On Washington, and just like in those other cities,  anti-Trump protesters marched in support of a broad range of political and human rights issues.

The many and creative signs that protesters carried spoke to their concerns, from immigration, to women’s rights as well as support for LGBTQ and Native rights.

Though the US protests were billed as the Women’s March On Washington, the event attracted many men to join in as well.

protesters with signs
These two women drove from Albuquerque to protest at the state capitol in Santa Fe.

Large protests also took place in Albuquerque, but some ptotesters felt it was important to make the trip to the state’s capitol to make their voices heard. This reporter met two women who made the drive from Albuquerque and they carried signs that read “Get Your Laws Off My Body” and “Rights Take Might”.

In Santa Fe light snow fell as protesters begin the walk from the Bataan Memorial Building through Santa Fe’s Plaza and on to the state capitol, where speakers and poets addressed the crowd. The sun broke out and the wind died down at times to make for a decent January afternoon. For others in the state, Mother Nature was not as kind: KUNM radio reported a group of fifty people in Chama, New Mexico, braved near blizzard conditions Saturday to make their protest.

Though the mood in Santa Fe was festive, the underlying message of the protesters to the new president and the GOP is serious: “Citizens will not sit by idly while the new administration rolls back decades of progress in civil rights and protection of the environment. ”



Donald Trump Napoleon

GOP Should Take Its Lumps And Lose With Trump

On April 29, 2016, protesters in California disrupted a Donald Trump rally for the second day in a row. Ever since protesters claimed they stopped a Trump rally in Chicago, anti-Trump forces have been emboldened in their quest to shut down the bloviating billionaire’s primary season political rallies.

Donald Trump Napoleon
Donald Trump has compared himself to Napoleon.

No matter how vile Trump’s rhetoric is, should anti-Trump protesters shut down Trump’s rallies and instigate violence? For a number of reasons, no: Impeding free speech and participating in violence is not only wrong, it plays into Trump’s authoritarian narrative of a country gone amuck.

Tactically, making the anti-Trump movement look bad to stop Trump now is a short sighted move: his relationship with the voting public is doomed anyway. Let him lose at the ballot box where the impact will be long lasting and—let’s hope—it will be a final blow to Donald Trump’s political ambitions.

Donald Trump likes to compare himself to Napoleon, and it’s a quote from Napoleon that should be the anti-Trump movements directive:

“Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

What it means to those opposing the GOP is: we should just let the Republican party own Donald Trump, save the protests for after he gets the nomination and they are stuck with him. After all, Trump is the culmination of the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” initiated by president Nixon, let the  GOP now reap the rewards of their decades of demagoguery.

Chinese Trump Toilets Are Real, Will Donald Trump Sue?

logo of Shenzen Trump Industrial company Limited
Above is the actual logo of Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. an high-end toilet manufacturer. Below is what happened when our graphics department got a hold of it.

chinese-trump-toilet-logoIn the “we’re not making this up” category, a Chinese toilet company, Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd., uses a logo where the “U” in Trump is a toilet seat. Even more striking, the toilet seat is so reminiscent of Donald Trump’s lower lip, this reporter was convinced that the whole story and logo were made up, after all, satire is one of our mainstays here and we appreciate a good hoax when we see one.

When our team of crack-addled investigators started checking, it seems that Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. is in fact a legit high end toilet manufacturer in China. The Chinese firm makes specialty toilet seats and even an auto-changing toilet seat cover, and that is why a toilet seat features prominently in their logo.

One of our net geek/investigators pointed out that the company has had a web presence since 2006 as documented by The WayBack Machine. So unless someone started a fake website in 2006, or conspired to get The WayBack Machine to fake a website history, this is real.

This story also says something about the Chinese attitude towards imitation, appropriation and outright theft of brands and intellectual property: it’s just business as usual, and no doubt the addition of Trump to the company’s name was meant to suggest the high degree of quality that Donald Trump projects in his brands.

So what now? The story first appeared in The Global Times on March 18th and we’re pushing the story and our graphic hard.

For Trump it’s doubtful that he would have much luck trying to sue the Chinese firm. According to our team of legal analysts, having Trump in their company name is legal as long as they are not confusing their brand with a Donald Trump brand or implying his endorsement of their product.

At the least the Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. should get a lot of attention now that they share a name with a US presidential candidate.

We can’t wait to see what the late night comedians do with this one, the Donald Trump Reality Candidacy has been a laugh a minute.




Ted Cruz as the Mona Lisa

Will Trump Supporters Embrace Cruz If He Gets RNC Nomination?

Ted Cruz as the Mona Lisa
Will Trump supporters back Ted Cruz if he gets the GOP nomination?

Supporters of the insurgent campaigns of  Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have many things in common, but that doesn’t  mean Trump supporters will back Cruz if he gets the GOP nomination.

Already conservative bloggers and their constituents, cock sure of the inevitability of  a Trump presidency, are floating conspiracy theories should Trump not make it to the White House, or even secure the GOP nomination: The GOP elites stole it from him; The lamestream* media only tells lies about him; Hillary is a surrogate of the Satanic Anti-Trump forces—bought and paid for. The theories never end.

Trump supporters likely will never have to make the choice between their savior and Lyin’ Ted Cruz: Donald Trump will surely mount a third party run if he doesn’t get the GOP’s endorsement, his ego simply will not allow otherwise. Trump supporters will get their ride on the Trump wave until it ultimately crashes on the rocks of the 2016 general election.

Dump Trump And Lose With Cruz

trump-rnc-icebergIf the eventual GOP candidate loses to Hillary Clinton as polls are showing, Cruz loses to Clinton by less. Though Cruz is widely despised and even seen as more dangerous than Trump, the GOP’s calculus for nominating him is to save face, stand by conservative principles, and prevent further damage to down-ticket Republicans. Again, factor into this equation a  third party run and both Trump and Cruz lose to Clinton by an even larger margin.

A Time To Thrill

Imagine a US president is elected in one of the most racially cast elections in history; Imagine a beautiful and intelligent First Lady of the United States, who has posed in the nude at least once before for a fashion magazine, but the nation is willing to give her a pass, because we live in a new era; Imagine a new era where criticizing a woman for  how she looks or chooses to show her body is just shameful and we all just need to get over it.

Now I want you to imagine that we are talking about a black president and first lady.

In the same circumstances would the public and especially the Taliban wing of the GOP be so forgiving of an African-American potential first lady who had posed in the nude (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

We already know the answer to that, and it’s “No.”

First Lady Michelle Obama looking pretty fit.
First Lady Michelle Obama looking pretty fit.

Look at the record of how the GOP and their supporters have body and fashion shamed Michelle Obama who has never posed in the nude for a fashion magazine. She has been compared to Chewbacca and various other animals—and—the very fit first lady has been called fat by some people who should never talk, including a certain cigar smoking conservative sexist bigot.

What it’s really about are the efforts to delegitimize Michelle Obama as First Lady, and assist in the concurrent effort to delegitimize President Obama.

Michelle Obama is a model of health, beauty and fitness. So she is big-boned—give a sister a break already!

Did Trump Dirty Trick Ted Cruz?

The timing couldn’t be more obvious: When Donald Trump needed to knock out his main rival in the Republican primaries after losing  in Utah, his friends put out a story of Cruz infidelity to The National Enquirer. This followed after days of personal accusations and schoolyard taunts between the two, starting when Trump incorrectly claimed Cruz was behind a meme styled Anti-Trump ad that showed a photo of his current wife when she posed nude for GQ magazine.

The Facebook ads were placed by the PAC Make America Awesome. Cruz for his part never denounced the anti-Trump ad calculated to turn Mormon Trump supporters to Ted Cruz in the Utah primary.

Melania Trump poses nude for GQ
The cover of GQ that started the latest feud between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. If this gives you wood you should be ashamed of yourself, Melania Trump could be our first lady someday.

In retaliation Trump threatened to “spill the beans on” Heidi Cruz, then a couple of days later the Enquirer story hits the news. Even if Trump was not behind the story, the timing and appearance that Trump is executing a list of political hits, should earn him the responsibility for it.

Why did Trump react so strongly? What do he or Melania have to be ashamed of? This nation should be far past the point of shaming a presidential candidate or his wife because she was doing her job as a model—oh, wait—unless you are an African-American first lady, you can never do anything right even if you never posed in the nude. Anyway, maybe Trump just can’t let a personal attack on him or his wife go? His over the top response to a perceived slight may yet again be a “Stillson Moment” that finally collapses the image of his popular support.

You may remember a time when every bad thing that happened, a murder, a rape, or corruption scandal—the GOP was always happy to blame it on the moral vacuity of president Clinton. What will they say now that their front runner in the primaries has lowered the bar of political discourse to re-Tweeting unflattering pictures of opponents wives? If you are waiting for the GOP to expel Donald Trump, don’t hold your breath.

With the top Republican primary candidates locked in a mortal battle, the GOP is imploding in painful slow motion. This may delight or dismay you, depending on your political persuasion.

Donald Trump re Tweeted this photo from a supporter
Donald Trump re-Tweeted this photo from a supporter. They are actually both very lovely ladies who have way more going on than their looks.

In ways it seemed predictable that Donald Trump would start to show his fangs when he was baited and attacked. Trump has a hard time letting personal attacks and insults go. Marco Rubio brilliantly egged Trump on to brag about the size of his junk when he said Donald has small hands. Hillary Clinton repeated the taunt when she criticized Donald Trump’s temperament saying our country needs “steady hands” at the helm. Trump took took the bait once more and defended his hands perhaps trying to remind us again what a huge package he has.

Ted Cruz seems just as easy to bait, jumping into full battle mode when Trump threatened to make Cruz’s wife an issue. Cruz has protested Trump’s threats to attack his wife, but is Cruz capable of a response that will capitalize on the backlash to Trump? What if the cheating accusations have any truth?

A cheating scandal would be a non-story in Europe, and it should be  a private matter between the involved parties—except if a candidate crusades as a religious moralizer—and shows himself as a hypocrite.

After the veracity of the cheating accusations, and who did what first are forgotten, what will linger in the American consciousness is the ugliness of the 2016 Cruz/Trump rivalry.


Trump supporter beats protester

Arrest Of Violent Trump Supporter At Rally Exposes Double Standard

More violence at a Trump rally and finally, police immediately arrest a Trump supporter for beating on an Anti-Trump protester—but wait, hold on—It was a black man who was arrested.

Recall the story of Rakeem Jones, a young African-American protester at a North Carolina Trump rally who was sucker punched by an older white man while being led out out. Police did not arrest his attacker John McGraw at the time of the incident, claiming they were afraid of the crowd of Trump supporters turning on them.

Here is the video of the latest incident where a Trump Supporter brutally  beat and stomped on a protester:

OK, now here’s the video of a white man sucker punching a black man at a Trump rally:

There is a striking difference between the two videos, and the comparison raises more questions than it answers. Is this representative of institutionalized racism that accounts for the difference between treatment of black Americans versus white? Is it specific to the locations where the rallies took place, Arizona and North Carolina? It could just be an unfortunate coincidence that both incidents seem to favor whites versus blacks in similar situations.

When it doesn’t look like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, the Trump campaign might be a circus show with Trump as the Barker, MC and The Show all wrapped in one. Looking closer, the current mainstreaming of racial intolerance and the specter of violence raised by the cancerous Trump Campaign only increases the tensions and racial resentments simmering in the American psyche.

trump haiku

How Donald Trump Thinks

Donald Trump is the most openly anti-ethnic presidential candidate in a generation, perhaps in American history. Thanks to him the era of the Ku Klux Klan is back, and he has expanded the Republican’s reach to other white supremacists and hate groups.  Trump, the supposed brilliant businessman has debt in the billions as opposed to any actual net worth. With no real specifics on any of his policies, CNS News  summarizes Trump’s pitch as “Trust Me.”

The Don’s statements on violence are so contradictory that they mystify his critics and supporters alike. Consider this headline from Feb. 1, 2016 on The West De Moines Patch’s website: Donald Trump To Crowd: “Beat Up Tomato-Throwers, I’ll Pay Legal Fees.” Did you read that correctly? You did. Trump supports the beating of protesters, and has repeatedly said he will foot the legal bill. Across the country now, with Trump’s encouragement, dozens of attacks have been perpetrated against, Latinos, Jews, African-Americans and other ethnic and religious minorities. After trump promised to pay his violent supporter’s legal fees, he feigned ignorance of the statement when asked by the press if he was going to pay up. When it comes to violence and racial bigotry Trump is playing a dangerous game of double-speak.

trump haiku
Donald Trump’s comments on nuclear weapons are transformed into haiku.

Theories abound to explain Trump’s goals and actions. Critics in the civil rights community–including some Trump supporters who now have buyer’s remorse–tend to focus on two main themes. The first is that Trump is tone deaf about racism. The second is that Trump is an actual racist–not an out-and-out KKK man, but something of a European-style racist, with a penchant for spewing populist statements that endear him to the xenophobic right.

These theories aren’t wrong so much as they are inadequate. Even if they could account for Trump’s hateful rhetoric about immigrants and Muslims, they cannot explain his thinking. The real problem with Trump is worse–much worse. But we have been blinded to his real agenda because, across the political spectrum, we all seek to fit him into some version of American history. In the process, we ignore Trump’s own history. Here is a man who spent his formative years–learning from and assisting his father with his business. The lesson young Donald Trump learned was how to systematically disenfranchise minorities from housing opportunities while at the same time becoming rich.

A good way to discern what motivates Trump is to ask a simple question: What is his dream? Is it the American dream? Is it Fred Trump’s dream? Or is it the KKK’s dream?

What then is Trump’s motivation? We don’t have to speculate because Trump tells us himself in his books that his values are very like his father’s: Fred Trump was a real estate developer who pinched pennies; Donald Trump is a real estate developer who spends millions on bathroom fixtures. Fred Trump tried to keep minorities out of his housing developments; Donald Trump seeks to keep the same people out of the country completely. Trump’s dreams are his fathers, but amplified to a gargantuan scale and gilded in gold.

So who was Fred Trump? Like Donald Trump’s mother, his father was also a German immigrant, thus making Donald an anchor baby. Fred Trump started his working life as a carpenter and soon began building houses. As happened with his son Donald, Fred Trump was often sued for his business practices, and came under fire for discriminatory housing policies.  Sympathetic to  the KKK, Fred Trump was even arrested after a KKK battle with police in New York City.

This 2016 election season, immigration is a hotly contested and complex issue. Expressed in the xenophobic language of Donald Trump we need to keep out the Mexicans, Muslims and other undesirables. However, with an ever shrinking labor pool, the US’s popularity as an immigrant destination could be a real asset for our future economy. If America is going to remain on top, we have to be ready to embrace immigrants as  a future source of wealth creation.

But instead of readying us for the challenge, Donald Trump is trapped in his father’s time machine. Incredibly, should Donald Trump become  president, the U.S. would be ruled according to the dreams of a German KKK sympathizing real estate developer. This mixed philosophy of white supremacism and amoral capitalism, is now setting the nation’s agenda through the reincarnation of his dreams in his son. The Don wants to make it happen and live out his father’s dreams, but in gold plated splendor. The invisible father provides the inspiration, and the son dutifully gets the job done. If Donald Trump ever becomes president, America will be governed by the ghost of Fred Trump.

This article is a satire based on Dinesh “Douche-na” D’Souza’s article “How Obama Thinks.”


Trump Threatens Riots, Rabbis Plan Protest

In yet another call to his supporters for violence, Donald Trump has said if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, “I think you’d have riots.”

As anyone who is paying attention knows, Trump only has to mention a violent idea, and the Thug Wing of his supporters  will make it happen.  As usual Trump will deny any knowledge or culpability when the violence does break out.  The excuses he will offer are predictable, “I didn’t tell them to riot, my supporters just have a lot of passion and love for their country.”

Anti-Donald Trump protest is held at Trump Tower in 5th Avenue in New York.
Anti-Donald Trump protest is held at Trump Tower in 5th Avenue in New York.

Now, in response to the increasing hateful rhetoric  and violence at Trump’s rallies (map of Trump violence),  a group of forty Rabbis plans to boycott his appearance at AIPAC, a pro-Isreal lobby group. One of the group’s organizers, Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin wrote on a blog post,

We have been urging rabbis to simply not attend the Trump speech — to let our absence be felt and noted.

Rabbi Salkin’s chosen method of protest, simply not attending the AIPAC event, and protesting outside, is a thoughtful measured response to the confrontation and vitriol the Trump  cult feeds on.

Rabbi Salkin also says in the post, “This is someone who has no qualms speaking crudely about women, Mexicans, Muslims, the handicapped, and immigrants; does anyone really want to add “rabbis” to his verbal hit list?”

Many observers, including this author, believe  Trump dog-whistled his approval of antisemitism yet again when he blamed the cancellation of a rally in Chicago on “Bernie’s people.” Donald Trump never had to say anything else, his most regressive supporters, already steeped in racial bigotry, heard the telegraphed call to rally against this weeks “those people”.

The Rabbis will be joined by hundreds of other individual and organized protesters, all following their own plans. Trump the man who can let no challenge to his authoritarian vision go unanswered, will surely react to the protests, no doubt in his trademark—violent rhetoric turned reality—Reality TV Show way.