trump with bomb hair " I'll make nuclear winter

Donald Trump Calls Kim Jong-il “Lil’ Kim”

trump with bomb hair " I'll make nuclear winter
Should Donald Trump be entrusted with the codes to our nuclear weapons?

Sparking an international incident while still trying to secure the GOP nomination for president, Donald Trump called the leader of North Korea “Lil’ Kim” several times in a rambling incoherent foreign policy statement, “This guy, Lil’ Kim is a maniac, and we shouldn’t take nuclear off the table when dealing with him.”

Hours later Kim Jong-il  responded to the insults in a televised address. “The Peoples Republic of North Korea has the capability to destroy any American city it chooses, including Manhattan and Trump Tower,” the North Korean leader said, even naming Donald Trumps flagship property.

A severe backlash against Trump came from everyone in the world including the GOP; The RNC’s Reince Priebus, “It’s proof that this candidate should never have his finger on ‘The Button'”; Army Gen. John Campbell, “All military personnel have a duty to disobey illegal and dangerous orders, a Donald Trump presidency raises the possibility of our military chain of command failing during a crucial time in our fight against ISIS”; UK Prime Minister David Cameron, “Donald Trump threatens to undo decades of diplomacy and treaties and start a nuclear war with a nominal power, namely North Korea, for what? So he can make a joke about someone’s name?”

When questioned about the comments by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump at first doubled down saying, “Look maybe it’s time we got rid of him, when I’m president I’ll look into that.

Hours later on Twitter, Trump denied ever calling Kim Jong-il “Lil’ Kim”, “The press has very unfairly taken my words out of context: I was talking about the musician Lil’ Kim and how her beats go beyond slammin’, they’re nuclear.”

Special Thanks to Xrhonda Speaks, who contributed to this story.


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