HPV vaccine in a syringe

Donald Trump Confuses HPV with HIV

At a news conference Sunday, Donald Trump confused HPV with HIV and insisted there was a vaccine available to prevent HIV.

HPV vaccine in a syringe
Donald Trump claimed that a vaccine is available for HIV, when he probably meant the vaccine for HPV.

“Now they want to vaccinate kids as young as twelve years old for HIV, and it’s like telling them it’s OK to go and have sex, it’s just disgusting. That’s besides the fact that we need to stop all vaccinations until we know what’s happening with the autism.”

Norman Walter at the CDC headquarters in Washington DC, responded to Trump’s comments, “First it’s important to say that Donald Trump is promoting an already debunked idea of a link between vaccinations and autism.” Walter continued, “So while an HIV vaccine is not available yet, we think a breakthrough is very close. That said, we do recommend the HPV vaccine for everyone starting at age 12, it’s important to make sure people are already immunized, especially before people normally become sexually active. This is a vaccine that will prevent cancers and save lives.”

The next day at a Trump news briefing in Pennsylvania, AP reporter Paul Wigginston tried to ask about the mix up. Trump cut him off mid-question saying: “I guess it’s politically correct now to call HIV HPV, and the thing is, you all know, I don’t do PC.”

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