Devil Trump

Donald Trump Is The Biggest Dick In The World

Devil Trump
If a world wide poll were taken on who the biggest dick in the world is, Donald Trump would win.

It’s “common knowledge” that Donald Trump cannot win a national election — but if a world wide poll were taken today, who do you think people would say is the biggest dick in the world?

He’s insulted every imaginable group and nationality, bragged about the size of his manhood, the man self compares to Alexander The Great and Napoleon for Koresh’s* sake.

When Darth Dick Cheney comes out to say you are unfit for office, you’ve really disturbed the force.

Donald Trump is the schoolyard bully in sixth grade who was always bragging about his latest fight when he wasn’t starting another one.

For these and many other reasons, Wallarous, The Waller movement, we are continuing the fight to wall in this current biggest dick in the world: Donald Trump.


*A Bartcop Joke

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