Dr. Phil talks to Trump and Cruz

Dr. Phil To Host Next Trump/Cruz Debate

Dr. Phil talks to Trump and Cruz
Dr. Phil will try to help Donald Trump and Ted Cruz when he hosts and mediates at their next meeting.

America’s favorite TV therapist is going to tackle the crack-up of the Donald Trump and Ted Cruz bromance.

“These guys have a lot of anger they are expressing, but we really need to get to the root causes of their co-dependent mutually destructive behavior, and forget about blaming each other, and who hurt who,” Dr. Phil told The Spoof.

Once the rivals seemed like best pals, even pledging to have each other as a running mate should they get the GOP nomination.

It’s a different story now: Trump only refers to Cruz as the Castrated Cuban, while Cruz surrogates are placing urinal cakes with Donald Trump’s picture in restrooms around the country.

Still, who better than a TV show doctor to intervene in the The Reality Show that the GOP primary has become?

“Maybe we can have an intelligent conversation without the back and forth bickering,” the TV doctor said. “I haven’t heard one of these guys put the interests of the country or even their own party first. He finished by saying, “These guys are finally going to have a health professional who can call them on their behavior.”

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