GOP In Private: We Elected A Madman Who Needs A Lobotomy

It seems the Republican experiment with putting a crazy person in to the White House is not working out quite as planned.

As the tale of the president’s escape from a mental institution in 1965 spreads, calls for him to be lobotomized are growing.

John McCain, barely stirring from a deep narcoleptic sleep, admonished the president when he talked to CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Eventually the president will–let’s just say ‘fabricate’ a story about something really important like the Russian submarine sandwich crisis, or why the Chinese are pretending that global warming is real. Then it’s going to be like the boy who cried wolf when a crisis happens and he needs to explain things to the American people.”

Anonymous Sources™ in DC say a Republican push for President Trump to finally undergo a lobotomy is gathering momentum, as one such source told this reporter:

“The Republicans think a lobotomy will really address his lack of impulse control on Twitter, and that’s where he’s getting in to trouble.”

Adding strength to the argument for a presidential lobotomy is the story of  Trump’s escape from a mental institution in 1965 that is only now being reported on.

Paul “What me worry?” Ryan continued to deny there were any concerns about the president’s mental health and erratic behavior.

“There’s no health issue here, the media is just playing their role trying to create a story, and even if the president really did need a lobotomy, there would not be an inch of daylight between he and I on where we see this country going.”

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