Donald Trump Napoleon

GOP Should Take Its Lumps And Lose With Trump

On April 29, 2016, protesters in California disrupted a Donald Trump rally for the second day in a row. Ever since protesters claimed they stopped a Trump rally in Chicago, anti-Trump forces have been emboldened in their quest to shut down the bloviating billionaire’s primary season political rallies.

Donald Trump Napoleon
Donald Trump has compared himself to Napoleon.

No matter how vile Trump’s rhetoric is, should anti-Trump protesters shut down Trump’s rallies and instigate violence? For a number of reasons, no: Impeding free speech and participating in violence is not only wrong, it plays into Trump’s authoritarian narrative of a country gone amuck.

Tactically, making the anti-Trump movement look bad to stop Trump now is a short sighted move: his relationship with the voting public is doomed anyway. Let him lose at the ballot box where the impact will be long lasting and—let’s hope—it will be a final blow to Donald Trump’s political ambitions.

Donald Trump likes to compare himself to Napoleon, and it’s a quote from Napoleon that should be the anti-Trump movements directive:

“Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

What it means to those opposing the GOP is: we should just let the Republican party own Donald Trump, save the protests for after he gets the nomination and they are stuck with him. After all, Trump is the culmination of the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” initiated by president Nixon, let the  GOP now reap the rewards of their decades of demagoguery.

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