Historic Anti-Trump Demonstrations In Santa Fe And the World

Participants in the Women’s March On Washington in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Less than twenty four hours after President Donald Trump was sworn in, historic and massive protests took place around the world to denounce his policies and divisive rhetoric.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, was but one of hundreds of sister cities participating in the Women’s March On Washington, and just like in those other cities,  anti-Trump protesters marched in support of a broad range of political and human rights issues.

The many and creative signs that protesters carried spoke to their concerns, from immigration, to women’s rights as well as support for LGBTQ and Native rights.

Though the US protests were billed as the Women’s March On Washington, the event attracted many men to join in as well.

protesters with signs
These two women drove from Albuquerque to protest at the state capitol in Santa Fe.

Large protests also took place in Albuquerque, but some ptotesters felt it was important to make the trip to the state’s capitol to make their voices heard. This reporter met two women who made the drive from Albuquerque and they carried signs that read “Get Your Laws Off My Body” and “Rights Take Might”.

In Santa Fe light snow fell as protesters begin the walk from the Bataan Memorial Building through Santa Fe’s Plaza and on to the state capitol, where speakers and poets addressed the crowd. The sun broke out and the wind died down at times to make for a decent January afternoon. For others in the state, Mother Nature was not as kind: KUNM radio reported a group of fifty people in Chama, New Mexico, braved near blizzard conditions Saturday to make their protest.

Though the mood in Santa Fe was festive, the underlying message of the protesters to the new president and the GOP is serious: “Citizens will not sit by idly while the new administration rolls back decades of progress in civil rights and protection of the environment. ”



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