mud bricks stacked

Making The Case For Adobe

mud bricks stacked
Mud Bricks like these in Palestine can easily be made by anyone and could be used to build a wall around Donald Trump.

People of the world have been building with mud bricks for thousands of years, so it’s only fitting that The Waller movement, a people’s movement, should use adobe, or mud brick.

Starting in ancient Mesopotamia, and continuing all over the modern world, mud brick is an affordable and readily available building material.

Mud bricks can be fired and structures can be reinforced with re-bar. Adobe is ideal for our purposes, with simple mud bricks that anyone can make with materials they already have, we will build a people’s wall around Donald Trump.

The simplest form for making our bricks will be a paper/cardboard half gallon milk or juice carton cut and folded inside out so the waxy outer surface is on the inside. That will make our our bricks 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″ and 12 3/4″ wide.

On the practical side we won’t be able to wall in Trump for long, so no firing of bricks or reinforcing of the wall will be needed.

Adobe brick is “Of the People”, let the humble adobe brick be the symbol of our movement.

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