Mexican President To Trump, “I’m Not Going To Pay For That Fucking Wall!”

In an F-bomb cheered around the world, Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has embarrassed a GOP apparently afraid to call out Donald Trump on his racism and stupidity.

Speaking to Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Fox ridiculed Trumps idea to build a wall across the border and have Mexico pay for it. See Video:

Fox succinctly detailed the problems with a Trump candidacy, likening Trump to a crazy person who doesn’t know what’s going on in the world, then calling him “egocentric” and only out for himself.

One thing to note, the media has overblown Trump’s support among Hispanics in the Nevada primary. Trump had the support of 44% of Hispanics who voted in the Republican primary, which seems far short of Trump having the support of 44% of all Hispanic voters in the state.

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