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Pink Floyd’s The Wall Predicted Donald Trump

The parallels are striking and disturbing; an adulating crowd worshiping a personality; audience members beat and spit on “undesirables” as they are kicked out; the crowd chants in unison about a wall; the leader arrogantly talks about shooting people; finally, the crowd raises it’s arms in a frenzied mindless salute.

There is very little difference between a Trump rally and the Hate rally depicted in Pink Floyd’s movie The Wall. In fact it’s hard to tell where the cuts are in this mashup of the two.

One minor difference is that Trump isn’t screaming “kike, queer,” or “coon!”, he leaves that to the crowd  while he uses code words like, “Sanders people,  cuckservative,” and “taking back our country”.

No doubt Roger Waters was addressing UK  extremism and wars when writing The Wall, yet it boggles the mind that the details of a Trump rally were described so presciently in 1982. You would almost think that Donald Trump had studied the scene in order to recreate it.




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