trump head with a nuclear explosion on top

Sanders And Clinton Should Expect Trump Disruptors And Avoid Escalation

trump head with a nuclear explosion on top
Should Donald Trump’s finger be on “The Button”?

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, their supporters, all should be prepared for Trump supporters to disrupt their rallies.

If anyone didn’t hear about Donald Trump telegraphing his wishes for his followers to disrupt Sanders events, here is what he tweeted Sunday morning after cancelling his own rally in Chicago the Friday before:

Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!

Of course Trump can say he didn’t explicitly tell his supporters to go and disrupt Bernie Sanders’ events, that’s all part of his craft: Donald Trump is a master manipulator. We should never underestimate him or think he is stupid—crazy as a shit-house rat, yes—but not stupid.

Trump’s well documented pattern of inciting violence and then denying any responsibility should be proof enough of what Sanders and Clinton should expect to see in the coming weeks.

a baseball batis a "Trump rally club"
A classic never goes out of style.

Knowing that Trump disruptors may try to sabotage upcoming rallies, his targets can avoid falling into Trump’s trap. It’s right and necessary to speak out against Donald Trump, but the more confrontational and violent the protests and disruptions become, the more it fulfills Trump’s divisive vision and the more it rallies his followers.


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