Sean Spicer Releases Sex Tape: Meat The Press

Spicers sex tape “Meat The Press” has already made a quarter of a million dollars on Amazon Movie and other streaming services.

Perhaps sensing that the political winds are not favoring his continuing employment, White House Spokes-liar Sean Spicer released his own sex tape just this week.

The video, titled Meat The Press: Gettin’ Spicy With Sean “The Neck” Spicer, is already a best seller on Amazon Movie, as well as the top download in Russia, and the top pirated video in China.

As some pornos do, Meat The Press pretends to be an educational and informational video, and is briefly introduced as such by a fully clothed Dr. Laura Schlesinger.

After the off-putting start though, this reporter found the video jumps right to the action: Spicer’s performance was convincing if not very vanilla and straight forward (and somewhat angry too)—still, this video may be too tame for conservatives with kinks in the closet.

For the many Rs and Ds who have a bone for Kellyanne Conway’s alternate vagina, Conway look-alike Lanna Paloma’s appearance may be the best reason to buy this video.

There’s even a gratuitous golden shower scene where Spicer, Paloma, and two other women replicate the details reported in the Russian dossier of President Trump’s frolic with Ukranian Hookers.

Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 boners

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