magazine cover "no future for stillson"

The Trump Dead Zone

Am imaginative remake of the movie poster for the 1983 release The Dead Zone.

For those unfamiliar with the 1983 Movie, The Dead Zone, Christopher Walken plays Johnny Smith, a man who has psychic abilities after waking up from a coma.

When Smith touches someone he can see catastrophic future events in their lives and eventually realizes he can affect and even prevent those future events.

The day Smith shakes the hand of Senator Stillson, played by Martin Sheen, he starts to grapple with the idea of killing Stillson to prevent a future apocalypse.

Smith is unsuccessful in his attempt to shoot the evil senator, but the attempt itself is the heroic act that leads to Senator Stillson shielding himself with a baby and exposing his true self to the world, thereby guaranteeing he would never be elected to a position where he could have his finger on “the button.”

magazine cover "no future for stillson"
Newsweek cover: “No future For Stillson” from The Dead Zone.

Comparisons of Donald Trump to the Stillson Character have only increased as his stature as the eventual GOP nominee for the 2016 presidential race has solidified. One comparison says Stillson’s values would be an improvement, while a NY times columnist jokes about an assassination.

The question is: If and when is Trump going to have his “Stillson Moment”?

Trump’s ever more outrageous antics end with myself, and every other thinking human saying, “This time he’s done it,” only to see his poll numbers hold or even increase.

We created this website for news and parody, in Trump’s case it’s not a clear line which is which: Satire stories like “Trump Tasers Baby” or “Trump Vows Cinco De Mayo Ban” lure us in because we don’t know just what he will do next.

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