Trump Supporters Ponder Which Guns To Take To RNC

Now that tens of thousands of gun enthusiasts have pressured the Republican National Convention to allow guns, the real question is which of their guns they should bring.

Participants will be limited to no more than one rifle or two pistols each total.

The RNC unveiled a new logo for the 2016 convention in Cleveland , Ohio.

Mochne Harris a Trump supporter from Halifax County, Virginia shared her dilemma with The Spoof, “Well, I love my AK47, but I might just bring my Glock and Desert Eagle 45, it’s hard to tell.”

Others were against any restriction at all, Rick Moyhanson, of Flagstaff Arizona said, “It’s just un-American how they want to infringe on our second amendment rights at the convention, that’s why we need President Trump to end the gun free zones that put us all in danger. We’re going to bring as much firepower as we can, so me, the wife, and all the kids, we’ll be bringing two pistols apiece.”

The push for guns is in response to the threat of a contested convention, to which Donald Trump has already promised riots.

Ted Nugent, who is like convention royalty this year, applauded the move to allow guns and told CNN, “Those libtards and RINOs are going to get a big Wango Fandango surprise if they try to steal the nomination, we’re gonna stick it to them!”

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