Trump Threatens Riots, Rabbis Plan Protest

In yet another call to his supporters for violence, Donald Trump has said if he doesn’t get the Republican nomination, “I think you’d have riots.”

As anyone who is paying attention knows, Trump only has to mention a violent idea, and the Thug Wing of his supporters  will make it happen.  As usual Trump will deny any knowledge or culpability when the violence does break out.  The excuses he will offer are predictable, “I didn’t tell them to riot, my supporters just have a lot of passion and love for their country.”

Anti-Donald Trump protest is held at Trump Tower in 5th Avenue in New York.
Anti-Donald Trump protest is held at Trump Tower in 5th Avenue in New York.

Now, in response to the increasing hateful rhetoric  and violence at Trump’s rallies (map of Trump violence),  a group of forty Rabbis plans to boycott his appearance at AIPAC, a pro-Isreal lobby group. One of the group’s organizers, Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin wrote on a blog post,

We have been urging rabbis to simply not attend the Trump speech — to let our absence be felt and noted.

Rabbi Salkin’s chosen method of protest, simply not attending the AIPAC event, and protesting outside, is a thoughtful measured response to the confrontation and vitriol the Trump  cult feeds on.

Rabbi Salkin also says in the post, “This is someone who has no qualms speaking crudely about women, Mexicans, Muslims, the handicapped, and immigrants; does anyone really want to add “rabbis” to his verbal hit list?”

Many observers, including this author, believe  Trump dog-whistled his approval of antisemitism yet again when he blamed the cancellation of a rally in Chicago on “Bernie’s people.” Donald Trump never had to say anything else, his most regressive supporters, already steeped in racial bigotry, heard the telegraphed call to rally against this weeks “those people”.

The Rabbis will be joined by hundreds of other individual and organized protesters, all following their own plans. Trump the man who can let no challenge to his authoritarian vision go unanswered, will surely react to the protests, no doubt in his trademark—violent rhetoric turned reality—Reality TV Show way.

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