Ahead Of 2016 RNC Trump Trademarks “Trump Supporters Riot™”

In a shrewd business move Donald Trump has applied for trademark status for the three word phrase “Trump Supporters Riot™.” Now, whenever a newspaper or website uses the phrase Trump supporters riot™, the “™” symbol must appear and a licensing fee must be paid to Donald Trump’s publishing company.

Critics ridiculed Trump’s move as predatory and many publishers have defied the trademark claim saying it violates both freedom of speech and freedom of press laws. One of our own publishers, The Spoof, also thought the claim would not stand a legal challenge and declined to use the symbol or arrange licensing.

In another show of defiance, the hashtag #trumpsupportersriot™  was started by a group of Bernie Sanders supporters and is trending. Frustrated that he can’t bully the entire world’s media, Trump angrily tweeted, “Copyright infringers are losers and my publishing company will sue whoever started the hashtag.”

A Chinese firm that manufactures toilets is facing a lawsuit from Donald Trump

In a related story, Chinese toilet manufacturer, Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co Ltd, is also under threat of a lawsuit for the use of the Trump name. The Chinese firm has been in business since 2002 and claims it only heard of Donald Trump in 2015.

Trump supporters and opponents alike have said that trademarking the phrase Trump supporters riot™, shows The Don’s good business acumen. In a rare moment of humility Donald Trump said, “If I’m such a good businessman, I should have applied for trademark protection sooner, I’m just glad that Ted Cruz didn’t do it first.”

Regardless of the outcome, Trump has brilliantly positioned himself to come out on top: If Trump supporters riot™ at the RNC or anytime in the future, he gets all the licensing fees from the news reporting; If they don’t, he can claim a statesman like status for preventing any further violence in his name.


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