parody wall

Guys Build Wall Around Trump Tower – Hilarious Video

parody wall
A wall erected in front of Trump Towers to keep the assholes out

Setting a high bar for the Waller movement, performance artists Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, showed up at Trump Towers to build a wall after they had reports that, “a lot of assholes are coming out of this building.”

These are the same two guys who made video of themselves getting kicked out of a Trump rally  after acting like they were super fans at first who become bored with Trump telling them racist things they already agree with.

The actors, in orange vests and hard hats, stand in front of Trump Towers, saying to the camera, “A complete and total shutdown.” To the doorman, “It’s going to keep the assholes out, because one came out and then he ran for president. “

In the two minute plus video of the wall building, there are more priceless exchanges, one annoyed looking man is told, “We’re building a wall here, we need someone to pay for it, we need a hundred million dollars.”

This is how it’s done Wallarous – The Waller movement needs to take inspiration from these brilliant performance artists and build symbolic walls around Trump wherever he shows up to next.

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