adobe bricks drying

What Will It Cost?

adobe bricks drying
It would cost less than $15,000 to build a wall around Donald Trump using adobe bricks.

From humble  southwestern adobe, to high tech ceramic bricks made in Japan, estimates of the cost to build a wall around Donald Trump vary wildly.

One plan submitted for a 25 foot diameter circular wall made of adobe comes in at less than $15,000;  A 5,000 square foot concrete and re-bar structure will cost 2.4 million dollars; A walled enclosure made of special bomb and bullet proof ceramic bricks, will cost nearly 30 million USD.

It’s doubtful that Wallarous, as they call themselves, will want to punish The Donald so severely by putting him in the adobe enclosure, nor are they likely to spring for the deluxe wall at 30 million.

clear ceramic brick
Looking like glass, these special bullet and bomb proof ceramic bricks cost $1,500 each.

Bob Harrels, lead engineer at Cohen Construction in Denver, Colorado, touts the strength and cost benefits of a steel reinforced concrete wall. “It’s the best for your money, most humane for everybody.”

Ultimately it depends on the fundraising ability of the burgeoning Wallarou movement and their determination. However they choose to build their wall, it will be interesting times to see.


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