t-shirt - build a wall around trump

What’s A Wallarou Mate?

t-shirt - build a wall around trump
A popular T-shirt with the Wallarou crowd, who have started the Waller movement.

The Waller movement was started by U.S. activist Randall Rexon. A proponent of walling in Donald Trump is known as a Wallarou (rhymes with kangaroo), and it’s short for Wall Around Trump.

In response to Trump’s bloviating calls for ever higher and higher walls on the U.S./Mexico border, The Waller movement seeks to build a wall around The Donald himself.

Wallarous are all kinds of people united against Donald Trump and committed to the idea of building a wall around him.

The Waller movement has embraced citizens of the world and now there are chapters in almost every country in the world. Even undocumented workers in the U.S. and elsewhere have been invited to join the growing corp of Wallarou Volunteers when the wall gets built.

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