Chinese Trump Toilets Are Real, Will Donald Trump Sue?

logo of Shenzen Trump Industrial company Limited
Above is the actual logo of Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. an high-end toilet manufacturer. Below is what happened when our graphics department got a hold of it.

chinese-trump-toilet-logoIn the “we’re not making this up” category, a Chinese toilet company, Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd., uses a logo where the “U” in Trump is a toilet seat. Even more striking, the toilet seat is so reminiscent of Donald Trump’s lower lip, this reporter was convinced that the whole story and logo were made up, after all, satire is one of our mainstays here and we appreciate a good hoax when we see one.

When our team of crack-addled investigators started checking, it seems that Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. is in fact a legit high end toilet manufacturer in China. The Chinese firm makes specialty toilet seats and even an auto-changing toilet seat cover, and that is why a toilet seat features prominently in their logo.

One of our net geek/investigators pointed out that the company has had a web presence since 2006 as documented by The WayBack Machine. So unless someone started a fake website in 2006, or conspired to get The WayBack Machine to fake a website history, this is real.

This story also says something about the Chinese attitude towards imitation, appropriation and outright theft of brands and intellectual property: it’s just business as usual, and no doubt the addition of Trump to the company’s name was meant to suggest the high degree of quality that Donald Trump projects in his brands.

So what now? The story first appeared in The Global Times on March 18th and we’re pushing the story and our graphic hard.

For Trump it’s doubtful that he would have much luck trying to sue the Chinese firm. According to our team of legal analysts, having Trump in their company name is legal as long as they are not confusing their brand with a Donald Trump brand or implying his endorsement of their product.

At the least the Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co. Ltd. should get a lot of attention now that they share a name with a US presidential candidate.

We can’t wait to see what the late night comedians do with this one, the Donald Trump Reality Candidacy has been a laugh a minute.




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